The 3rd Annual Kiss It Goodbye Valentine's Day 5K was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

485 Registered Participants
Raising over $12,000
Susan G. Komen for the Cure and 3-Day Walk!!!

Thank you all for participating & supporting this great cause!
Kiss It Goodbye Valentines 5K Run/Walk 2012
Elite Limousine
Susan Cox Development
Thomas Media
Commercial Bank
PDQ Transportation
Get Fit, Feel Fabulous!


Overall Male--Shayne Fawcett--17:19
Male Masters--Tony Dee Davis--19:26

Age 12 & Under
1st--Kyle Rice--26:19
2nd--Thaddeus Puzdrakiewicz--27:10
3rd--Samuel Day--28:16

Age 13-19
1st--Bailey Bell--17:30
2nd--Jack Goodwin--17:33
3rd--Sam Darnall--17:34

Age 20-24
1st--Austin Long--19:15
2nd--Brandon Long--21:28
3rd--Jonathan Woodall--23:37

Age 25-29
1st--Adrian Martin--21:40
2nd--Case Bradford--21:56
3rd--John Milender--26:04

Age 30-34
1st--Chris Winter--20:20
2nd--Bart Barker--25:13
3rd--Brandon Joyce--28:32

Age 35-39
1st--Eric Borchert--24:58
2nd--David Greenway--25:00
3rd--Hays Major--25:32

Age 40-44
1st--Michael Chambers--24:52
2nd--Bill Kastner--28:25
3rd--Ryan Kading--29:05

Age 45-49
1st--Dan Ridley--21:48
2nd--Tim Runion--21:51
3rd--Kevin Knott--25:13

Age 50-54
1st--Patrick Flynn--24:12
2nd--David Johnson--24:40
3rd--Darrell Blaylock--25:05

Age 55-59
1st--Mark Harris--21:38
2nd--Danny Crossett--22:13
3rd--James Christoferson--26:22

Age 60-64
1st--Ted Nelson--24:41
2nd--David Wood--31:29

The Results

Overall Female--Kayla P--21:48
Female Masters--Glynn Wittber--22:48

Age 12 & Under
1st--Carissa Pinkerton--26:58
2nd--Erin Warren--27:52
3rd--Anika Mahajan--28:42

Age 13-19
1st--Reagan Bain--26:06
2nd--Kayley Drummond--26:13
3rd--Libby Dayhuff--26:57

Age 20-24
1st--Taylor Sheffield--22:52
2nd--Deanna Irvin--24:12
3rd--Rachel Hardee--26:52

Age 25-29
1st--Stefanie Gatlin--24:32
2nd--Brianne Kobeck--25:28
3rd--Felicia Mann--26:14

Age 30-34
1st--Tasha Dayhoff--25:04
2nd--Natalie Wendt--26:02
3rd--Mary Anne Garman--27:27

Age 35-39
1st--Katie Coffman--23:13
2nd--Shelly Hutson--25:56
3rd--Beth Hosick--26:03

Age 40-44
1st--Lisa Carlton--26:18
2nd--Tracey Hensley--26:27
3rd--Andrea Drummond--27:09

Age 45-49
1st--Teresa Russell--24:25
2nd--Sandy Jones--26:49
3rd--Stephanie Johnson--30:00

Age 50-54
1st--Elizabeth Lott--27:16
2nd--Ruth Parker--28:24
3rd--Janet Tignor--30:13

Age 55-59
1st--Phyllis Wainscott--28:26
2nd--Shay Young--33:15
3rd--Buni Wendt--33:36

Age 60-64
1st--Becca Jones--32:43
2nd--Alice Krawzcyk--41:53

Age 65 & Over
1st--Diane Scott--36:01
2nd--Jane Moore--36:09